My grandfather left us in April 2012. When we brought his tablets back to the home and placed on the family shrine near the round dining table, I figured out that I haven’t had a reunion dinner with all family members for 6 years.

Our reunion dinner is hosted during Chinese New Year, all family members travel from all of the world to get around of the round dining table and have dinner together. Grandmother prepares our favorites dishes, and Grandfather tells his story with us. Everyone enjoys delicious food and shares recents. We cheer each other up and wish all the best in the new year.


Family dinner after Grandfather’s funeral

Those wonderful scenes were gone because of Grandfather’s departure, and it made our big family fall to pieces. I came out a installation to re-create the reunion dinner and hoped to bring my family back together. The installation had Grandmother’s dishes projected on the round dining table, and family chatting as the background sounds. I invited my family members to record two dialogues. One is what they usually talked to Grandfather when he was still with us; the other is what they would like to talk to Grandfather this year without him around.


Family recorded the dialogues and visited the exhibition.

Listen to the family conversation as the background sound

Reunion Dinner allowed the viewer to sit on the stool surrounded the table and listen the conversation to felt the affection between the family members. I wished people away from their family like me, were warmed by this piece and felt supports.


Grandmother’s dishes were projected on the round dining table.

The Reunion Dinner installation was exhibited at 44 South Village located in Songchin Street, Xinyi District, Taipei, where has special meaning to my family. The village was established by the first military dependents, who moved with the government from China to Taiwan during the war. The village residents all worked at nearby joint logistics forty fourth Arsenal factory, so they named the place 44 South Village. Grandfather also serviced at logistics forty fourth Arsenal factory as a captain, and Grandmother was a chief nurse during the war. They moved with the government and lives in military dependents’ village in Taichung. In March 2011, 44 South Village was preserved as historical buildings and opened to commemorate the history and culture of the former military dependents in October 2003.


44 South Village entrance

This piece is dedicated to my dear grandfather.