Google AdWords for Small Business


Google AdWords marketing team worked with Fi to design a standalone interactive AdWords on-boarding web app. The web app should help un-tech savvy small business owners, who plan to get started in online advertising but feel AdWords is hard, confusing and expensive. The goal was not only to usher them through the campaign creation funnel blindly, but they came away with true concept understanding and were able to complete an effective campaign.

The Challenges

  • Help both new and former AdWords users succeed with the product from the start.
  • Provide an interactive experience that is fun and rewards-driven, while being educational and genuinely useful
  • Introduce important product concepts and tools and aim for true understanding over mere communication
  • Help new AdWords users feel comfortable and confident with the AdWords user interface
  • Get users excited about the features and make them want to continue to learn and do more.

My Roles

  • Come out the ideas of simulated AdWords world with the Google team.
  • Create the gaming mechanics and reward system for the user.
  • Wireframe the game environment and day/night switching as play/edit modes.
  • Analyze different user scenarios and possible behaviors.
  • Work closely with both design and tech team to shape the user experience.
  • Interview small business owners for testing at Kansas City Google workshop.
  • Improve the interaction based on the user testing.

Early Concept

  • Focus on real life interaction of small business (flower business.)
  • Missing online browsing behaviors.

Final Concept

  • Friendly gaming environment + Real life interaction of small business + Google browsing behaviors.

Better Solution

  • Google town concept built based on the layout of Google search result page.
  • The user runs a bakery and grows the business based on the knowledge of AdWords and learn how to create value Ads for target audiences.
  • The game simulates six different online browsing behaviors when people browse the user’s ad.
  • Every state has a toolkit and AdWords Advisor helps the user leran how to use AdWorlds.
  • Level by level teaching process is good for small business owners, who don’t have much extra time.

User Group at Google event “Get Your Business Online” at Kansas City and received really positive feedback.

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